Future development

Rekefjord Stone is and will continue to be a preferred supplier of quality stone to the European market. The company was recently granted operating licenses that offer the possibility to extract large volumes of rock for many years to come.

Together with NOAH, Rekefjord Stone is undergoing continuous development towards becoming a certified international resource and environmental company with sustainable and future-oriented solutions.

Rekefjord Stone is an important asset for the local community in the Municipality of Sokndal, both as an employer and through the ripple effect resulting from the purchase of local goods and services. Rekefjord Stones future is now being determined to ensure that company activities can continue far beyond the duration of the stone resources in the quarry. The rehabilitation of quarries creates new land for business and industry that can be developed based on a long-term vision that benefits both the local environment and the business community. Here, for example, activities and companies can be initiated in the fields of environmental technology, recycling, the maritime industry, tourism and other professional sectors.

The rehabilitation process itself promises to be a unique and exciting experience for Rekefjord Stone. Select residual products from industry and the business community will be collected in Rekefjord for processing and recycling before fractions that cannot be utilised in any other way are used to fill the quarries. Waste designated as hazardous will not be accepted.