About Rekefjord Stone

Rekefjord Stone is a cornerstone business in the Municipality of Sokndal, where quarrying has been a key local industry for over 100 years.

The company provides Europe with high-quality stone for the construction of infrastructure and buildings. The quarry is conveniently located for transporting the stone and around 600 boats are loaded each year. Rekefjord Stone currently has a staff of 30 employees, in additional to several locally hired professionals, such as repairman, electricians and welders. The company purchases goods and services regionally in the amount of around NOK 170 million each year.

The company currently comprises two quarries, one on the east side and one on the west side of the fjord. The extraction of stone first began on the east side in 1963, while production on the west side was established ten years later. Rekefjord East produces the Norite rock type, which is dark green in colour and classified as Gabbro-norite. Rekefjord West produces the Ansit rock type, which is light grey in colour and classified as Anorthosite.

Stone extraction from 1963

Through the year 2021, around 60 million tones of stone will have been produced from the quarries on the east and west sides of the fjord. Stone production is expected to continue for another 25 years.

Rekefjord Stone has 4 deep water quays which are shown in the picture above. To follow the boattraffic to the facility, you can follow the boat traffic on Marine Traffic.