At Rekefjord Stone, HSE and quality are prioritised in all aspects of our business.

Our promise to customers is to provide high-quality solutions that meet the customer’s needs within the given framework conditions. Rekefjord Stone has set itself the quality goal of making continuous improvements by rendering processes more effective, innovative and simplified.

Rekefjord Stone carries out blasting activities on a regular basis. After each blast, the stone is crushed into smaller fractions, which are then further processed and sold to the market. The company also produces large stone blocks that are loaded onto boats. The safety of all those involved in these activities is prioritised over all other considerations. The company takes a systematic approach to continuous improvements in order to prevent and reduce risks.

In case of accidents and violations of applicable procedures are registered in a deviation system. Rekefjord Stone also participates in NOAHs crisis management activities, which entail established routines for training, incident response and evaluation.

At Rekefjord Stone, management has separate responsibility for facilitating a safe working environment, entailing good communication, personal development, participation and predictability.

Company employees are an important asset and have the possibility to influence their work environment. Everyone is personally responsible for creating a shared culture that promotes involvement and ensures a good and safe working environment.