Ansit and Norit

Natural stone is one of the longest lasting construction materials in the world. For many centuries people have been using natural stone to build houses and roads. And still today, natural stone is the main component of human building culture as well as the basic material for various products.

The two quarries in Rekefjord – Ansit and Norit – are only 200 meters apart and are separated by a geological cut in the middle of the fjord. The magmatic type rocks belong to the oldest rocks on earth and was formed in the precambrian.

Ansit, Rekefjord West, has a medium to light grey colour and a specific density of 2.70-2.76to / m3. It is classified as Anorthosite.

Norit, Rekefjord East, has an anthracite to dark grey colour. Its specific density is 3.10-3.16to / m3. It is classified as Gabbronorit.

Rekefjord Stone processes Ansit and Norit into various fractions of the highest quality, which are used in the following scopes of application. All products are produced according to the harmonized European Standards. Rekefjord Stone also supply custom produced products for special project specifications.


Rekefjord West
Rekefjord East