Aggregates for asphalt and concrete and ground surfacing

To rely on natural stone products means to build on a long-lasting and solid foundation.

Due to the high strength and resistance of Ansit and Norit, they find ideal use in various infrastructure projects as road construction and landscaping, house-, tunnel and bridge construction and many more.

Product range

  • Crushed sand: 0-2mm, 0-5mm, 0-11mm
  • Aggregates: 2-5mm, 2-8mm, 5-8mm, 5-16mm, 8-11mm, 8-16mm, 11-16mm,
    16-22mm, 16-32mm
  • Subbase layers: 0-11mm, 0-32mm, 0-45mm, 0-63mm
  • Paving material: 0-5mm, 0-8mm, 0-11mm

And products specially mixed to customer specifications