The Companys Ownership

Rekefjord Stone AS is wholly owned by the Norwegian environmental and resource company NOAH AS. Rekefjord Stone operates under its own brand in the European stone market, with NOAH as its active and long-term owner.

NOAH AS is part of a group structure, which in turn is owned wholly by Gjelsten Holding, a privately owned company established in 2000 by Bjørn Rune Gjelsten. The Gjelsten Group cultivates its values based on an entrepreneurial spirit, focus and long-term strategy. Apart from owning NOAH, Gjelsten Holding also owns the property companies Fabritius and Profier, as well as Pellestova Hotel, and is a co-owner of Kid, Sport Holding and Ultimovacs. Read more about the companies in the Gjelsten Group here.

Expansion of operations

NOAH assumed management control of Rekefjord Stone on 1 September 2020, after having acquired the company from the Swiss Europstone Holding Gmbh (50%) and Swedish Thomas Concrete Group (50%).

NOAH AS has traditionally been a major contributor in the receipt and processing of contaminated masses and fractions from industrial and incineration operations and used treated waste as filler when rehabilitating the former quarry on Langøya off of Holmestrand. In recent years, the company has expanded its business and operations to include the handling of inert waste, production of batteries, waste recycling and other technological developments, now also including stone extraction.

New operations and new jobs

“We have acquired a well-run company with competent and committed employees, who have delivered excellent results over many years. Our employees are our most important asset. We are taking over a company with the goal to continue its successful development in the delivery of quality stone to the European market,” said the CEO of NOAH Environment, Egil Solheim, on acquiring the company in Rekefjord in 2020.