Delivery to Equinor

Kalstø is the place of the landfall of gas to Kårstø gas refinery. The place is outside Karmøy and very exposed next to the Northsea.

The project is to build a undersea breakwater to protect the culvert holding the gas pipe line. The original inquiry was for 25-40 tons blocks, but due to the high density of Norit the design was changed to 20-35 tons blocks. Total demand was 25.000 tons. Every stone was marked and registered by number and weight.

For the first part of the project the pure blocks was loaded onto barge in Rekefjord and transported to Karmøy for further processing.

For the second part the entire process was done in Rekefjord, including:

  • Selection
  • Approval by geologist
  • Washing
  • Second geologist to decide where to drill holes for lifting wires and security bolts
  • Drilling holes
  • Washing
  • Grouting lifting wires and bolts
  • Testing

Thereafter lifted onboard vessel by 500 ton mobile crane, and transported to Karmøy.

It has been a new experience for Rekefjord Stone to produce large quantity of so big blocks, and the good cooperation with Risa has been crucial.