The new port in Aberdeen uses stone from Rekefjord

The coastal town of Aberdeen in the north-east of Scotland needed more berth space to handle the global fleet and decided to build a brand new harbor south of the city. The stone supply for the project mainly comes from Rekefjord.

Rekefjord Stone has delivered over 500,000 ton of Ansit and Norit for the establishment of a new port in Aberdeen. As wave and erosion protection the stone was used for plastering two piers of a total of 1400 metres.

In 2018, Rekefjord Stone (RSA) entered into an agreement for the delivery of stone to Nigg Bay near Aberdeen in connection with the establishment of the Aberdeen South Harbor project.

“We started the delivery in April 2018 and finished in July 2021. A total of 533,000 ton of block stone was delivered without a single complaint,” says Tore Jonny Wollertsen of RSA, who has been responsible for following up the Aberdeen Harbor Expansion Project.

High quality

The stone for Aberdeen South Harbor was used for plastering and erosion protection (revetment). The grades were 1 to 3 ton and 3 to 6 ton blocks with Ansit and 2-5 ton blocks with Norit.

One of RSA’s permanent transport companies, Amasus Shipping’s ship MV Liamare, was responsible for the delivery of approximately 90 percent of the delivery to Aberdeen. MV Liamare is specially equipped for transporting block stone.

Briefly about the background for the port project:

Due to the central location in the city, it was not possible to expand further in the north, and the project therefore involved expanding with a completely new port south of the city. The construction contract was signed in 2016 and the construction of South Harbor began in 2017. The Aberdeen Harbor Expansion Project has been recognized by the Scottish Government in the National Planning Framework as an infrastructure project of national significance.