Upgraded facility at Rekefjord East

A new coarse crusher, screen and conveyor belt provide increased safety and 30 percent increased efficiency in production.

Rekefjord Stone is proud to be able to work in a new and modern facility at Rekefjord East. During the winter, we have made a significant investment to meet the great demand for quality stone from Rekefjord, says project manager Kari Røseth.

Improved efficiency in the plant will provide access to new markets and increased sales volumes. But the most important effect for the company is increased security.

We are very pleased that the new technology provides better care for HSE for our employees, says Røseth.

Production equipment has been replaced during a hectic period from February to Easter, in the lead of maintenance manager Reidar Solli. It has been very high focus on HSE, safety and infection control during the project. The project has been carried out without damage and accidents with potential for damage, quarantine interruptions or corona-related stops.

Rekefjord Stone has a policy of using local companies and resources as far as possible. In 2020, we bought goods and services for NOK 136.5 million locally. A large number of local and regional companies have also contributed to this project, including Rekefjord Mek, Brødrene Berntsen, Egeland Sveis, Espeland Betongentreprenør, MG Elektro, NOR Elektro and Bemy Transport. In addition, the main suppliers Sandvik (coarse crusher) and Nordic Bulk (screening plant and conveyor belt) have been present during the project period.

Below you can see the movie from Nordic Bulk which describes the project and shows the results. Managing Director at Rekefjord Stone Egil Solheim participates in the movie.

Movie from Nordic Bulk

Pictures from the project